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Freestone people provides two types of solutions for your facility and construction projects.   


Expert Sourcing


Trough Expert Sourcing, we staff your projects and take care of your temporary needs.

Freestone People has an enormous pool of owned and freelance talents specialized in real estate, construction and facility. Based on their specific disciplines we’ll select the right profiles that will bring the best solutions to your company.


Managing Agent


Through our role as Managing Agent, we’ll take up full responsibility.  Not only for your staffing challenges, but for your complete facility management.   You can call it “an omnium contract”


Expert Sourcing


Real estate

Has your HQ become too small or too big? Do you plan to move? Do you need a strategic profile to see how you can optimize your real estate? Freestone will send you the right talent.

  • Real Estate Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Asset Manager


Do you want to build a new office or refurbish your existing office with the help of a construction consultant? Or are you in phase 2 already and do you need a Move Manager? Freestone brings you the right people to coordinate your project from a to z.

  • Architect
  • Space Planner
  • Project Manager
  • Building coordinator
  • Move Manager


In need of a Facility Manager to overview your financial needs, define procedures and talk to your service providers? Do you like to have a detailed analysis of your building’s condition or hire a Project Manager who coordinates all your maintenance projects? Freestone will take care of that with the right talents.

  • Building Manager
  • Project Manager Maintenance
  • Facility Manager
  • Buyer
  • FMIS Coordinator


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Managing Agent - Space and facility


Through our role as Managing Agent, we’ll take up full responsibility.  Not only for your staffing challenges, but for your complete facility or space management.

Freestone People can offer full-omnium facility management.  You can pick one or all of our services:

  • Facility coordination & management
  • Help desk & Call Centre solutions
  • FMIS cloud applications
  • Contract management

As a Managing Agent, Freestone acts as principal.  Services are delivered by partners, but coordination, control and (if you like) strategy are done by Freestone.  No exclusive partnerships but free market processes.  Again, no obligations.

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